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Bonerge Lifescience is an innovative manufacturer of botanical products, related solutions and services, it is established by the team that desires exploration and continuous innovation under the belief of "Reverence for Nature and Life".

All the members remain true to the belief of "Reverence for Nature and Life" and deeply understand that plants are the most precious health gift from nature to human beings. Bonerge is determined to become a bridge between the natural plants and human health and try its best to bring the healing energy of natural plants to those in need, hoping to help improve metabolic syndrome and contribute to the healthy lifestyle.
Bonerge’s Innovative Ingredients
Branded Ingredients

Bonerge's research-based branded botanical products covering a wide range of specific health condition, especially glucose metabolism.

Food&Beverage Energy of Nature

Natural sweetener, natural antioxidant, real food that do not contain any artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals.

Nutritional Energy of Nature

Plants have countless powerful benefits, at Bonerge, we are on top of this cultural shift with superior botanical extract solutions for many different applications.

Medicinal Energy of Nature

High purity active ingredients prepared by our Purified Botanical Energy technology, to maximum the healing power of bio-active components from natural plants.

Bonerge's Innovative Technology
Full Botanical Energy Extract is dedicated to processing botanical material with a primary goal of preserving the natural ratios of the valued phytonutrients in whole plan......
Full Botanical Energy Extract
Purified Botanical Energy Extract arose out of the need to identify and concentrate one or more as bioactive constituents, purify them to the optimal content, and make this standardized extract the purest energy from plants......
Purified Botanical Energy Extract
We highly value the synergetic function between natural plants or natural plant components. We have the technological edge to produce a synergetic formula extract......
Synergetic Botanical Energy Formulation
TCM Energy Processed refers to the traditional method and technology of processing TCM under the guidance of TCM theory. The main purpose of the processing is to reduce toxicity and increase efficiency of TCM materials......
TCM Energy Processed Technology
Elevated Botanical EnergyTM is aim to improve bioavailability of natural products by a variety of technology. After all, the best quality natural ingredients in the world won’t help anyone if they’re not able to be effectively absorbed and utilized by our body......
Elevated Botanical Energy Technology
Focus on Sustainability
Every one at Bonerge strive to act and think holistically, sustainably and responsibly. We are convinced that holistic sustainable thinking and acting is the foundation for long-term, value-adding growth.
Traceability You Can Trust
At Bonergy, we know that trust starts with traceability, We source high-quality, raw ingredients that can be traced through every step as they journey to you from the fields and oceans they came from.
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