Choosing BeFisetin means choosing to extend healthspan

Although aging is an inevitable natural process, luckily we can slow down its pace and enhance our overall well-being with the help of health products. On the path to pursuing a healthier aging and extending one’s healthspan, BeFisetinTM is here to help.


Senescent cells, the root of aging


Figure 1. Timeline of milestones relevant to senotherapy


Fisetin, the most powerful botanic senolytic 

In 2018, a research paper published by the Mayo Clinic revealed Fisetin's ability to extend health and lifespan, and the beneficial effects of Fisetin have come to Bonerge team’s attention. Fisetin is a flavonoid found in fruits, vegetables, and plants. People have already been ingesting it from their daily diets.


Noteworthy, fisetin is the most powerful at clearing senescent cells among natural Senolytics ever found, far exceeding the effect of quercetin 3. Moreover, fisetin has been supported by relevant research in various fields. For instance, there are reports of fisetin being utilized to clear senescent cells and it has been shown to extend the average life span of mice, as well as help alleviate lung and kidney fibrosis and maintain stem cell differentiation 3-6. Furthermore, several clinical trials covering different health benefits are currently underway (Table 1), Fisetin is indeed a hot topic for health and nutraceuticals. These pieces of evidence illustrate the potential and widespread applicability of fisetin as a Senolytics supplements.


Table 1. List of Completed, Ongoing, and Planned Clinical Trials with Fisetin.


BeFisetinTM, the top tier branded Fisetin

To maximize the effectiveness of fisetin, Bonerge Lifescience has developed BeFisetinTM, a branded fisetin ingredient that provides a more natural, pure, and healthy source of fisetin raw material. BeFisetinTM comes from a natural source and its versatile applications can cater to the demands of consumers.

BeFisetinTM is definitely worth a try for clearing senescent cells. BeFisetinTM is an unreplaceable booster for extending the healthspan, as it will help to slow down the aging process and enhance the overall well-being of the body. With the efforts of Bonerge Lifescience, we firmly believe that BeFisetinTM will become the best companion in pursuing healthier aging.



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